Wolves, rewilding and sacred ecology

All that exists right now is the wolves, the forest and the mystery pulling me deeper and deeper into the primeval forest. I've been tracking the wolves for hours. Their profound presence is vivid in their enormous paw prints that lace through the snow. After many hours I eventually tire, and look for a place [...]

Impressions and Reflections from ‘Spiritual Ecology: Reviving a sacred and interconnected world’

Guest blog from Emilie C. Parry, participant on the 'Spiritual Ecology' retreat (collaboration with Amrita Bhohi of St Ethelburga's), and pHD candidate at Oxford University Over a weekend in mid-May, time expanded just enough to give space for uncovering and realising the interBeing of a few humans with our wider ecologies and Earth System. On a Friday afternoon, [...]