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Winter 2016-17

Pine martens in the Dyfi Valley // public talk with David Bavin
5th December 7pm, CAT

In collaboration with CAT // I’ll be hosting wildlife biologist David Bavin of the Vincent Wildlife Trust who will talk about pine marten ecology and VWT’s Pine Marten Recovery Project, which has been translocating martens from Scotland to mid-Wales over the past year.

The return of the beaver // public talk with Alicia Leow-Dyke 
24th January 7pm, CAT

In collaboration with CAT // I’ll be hosting Alicia Leow-Dyke who will talk about beaver ecology, the history of beavers in Wales and the impacts that beavers have on ecosystem and how this can benefit many species, including humans. As Project Officer for the Welsh Beaver Project, Alicia will give a detailed insight into the project and why they want to reintroduce wild beavers to Wales.

Spring 2017

Restoring Ancient Woodland to Mid-Wales // public talk with Adam Thorogood
5th April 7pm (Cafe & bar from 5pm), CAT

In collaboration with CAT // I’ll be hosting the Woodland Trust’s Adam Thorogood who will talk about restoring ancient woodland to the UK and Wales with stunning examples of success in the landscape surrounding CAT.

REWILDING OURSELVES: Deepening our nature connection // 8-10th April
Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth

A one to three-day course (1/2/3 day options) at an affordable rate starting from £35/day. After the Winter rain has nourished the land and (hopefully!) eased, the Dyfi valley bursts into Spring singing and dancing. We’ll spend the weekend deepening our awareness of nature and our connection to it. More info & booking.

REWILDING SPIRITUALITY: a spiritual exploration of our connection to the natural world // 21-23 April 
Cefn Coch, Machynlleth

In collaboration with Louise Hoskins // Weekend retreat in a stunning wild valley where crystal clear waters flow through pockets of ancient temperate rainforest where pine martens roam, breeding salmon leap up waterfalls and rare ospreys soar overhead. Through meditation and reflection, discussion, ritual, experiential activities and play, together we will live simply as a community and explore what a spiritual connection with the earth means for each of us and how we can bring this into our daily lives. Drawing on Buddhist, indigenous and nature connection wisdom and practices, this retreat is for people of any or no particular spiritual tradition who want to bring the Earth more explicitly into their practice, as well as those without any formal practice who wish to explore nature-based spirituality. More info here, Facebook event herebooking form here.

SACRED ACTIVISM // 24 April – 12 May
Schumacher College, Totnes

In collaboration with a whole host of inspiring people! // What should be our response to the challenges of our times?  How do we live in a challenging new landscape and act with integrity?  What contribution can we make to protecting what is most sacred?  And how can we make that contribution without burning out? This three week intensive will bring together activists from different traditions and perspectives to address some of the pressing questions we ask ourselves as we decide how to taken action for change, such as: What is the role of spirituality in social, economic, political and ecological change? How do we bring spirituality and action together with power and integrity? What is the role of protest and non-violent direct action? How do we pick our battles and avoid burn out?  This is a three-week intensive delivered as part of Schumacher’s postgraduate programme in Ecology and Spirituality but open to external participants. More info and booking here.

Reintroducing wild cats // public talk with Alicia Leow-Dyke 
11th May 7pm, CAT

In collaboration with CAT // I’ll be hosting Alicia Leow-Dyke from Scottish Wildcat Action to talk about the conservation efforts to save the ‘Tiger of the Highlands’ and her experiences of working with them. FREE entry, £5 for a delicious dinner beforehand from 5pm. Please share the Facebook event.


Summer 2017

Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth

A small – and beautiful! – festival exploring positive responses to our future through low carbon technology, social justice and the arts. I’ll be running nature connection workshops and direct action training. More info here, book tickets here.

Supporting the Osprey’s return // public talk with Kim Williams
14th June 7pm

In collaboration with CAT // I’ll be hosting Kim Williams of the Dyfi Osprey Project who will talk about their efforts to support the return of the magnificent ospreys to the Dyfi valley. At CAT, FREE entry, £5 for a delicious dinner beforehand from 5pm.

Growing the Cambrian Wildwood // public with Simon Ayres
4th July 7pm

In collaboration with CAT // I’ll be hosting Simon Ayres who will be talking about Cambrian Wildwood’s exciting plans for Cefn Coch, a local patch of land they are currently fundraising to restore and rewild to its native glory with help from the Woodland Trust. You can read more about the project in this recent BBC report and donate to the fundraising campaign here. At CAT, FREE entry and a delicious dinner will be available for just £5 from 5pm in the restaurant.

Green & Away, nr Malvern

A weekend of inspiring talks, workshops, music, storytelling, poetry and craft – a weekend that brings the ideas and ethos of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine to life. I’ll be speaking on spirituality, activism and nature connection, including how connecting with nature can be a deep source of resilience and power, sharing my own story of rewilding as a regenerative process following acute burnout, and what it may mean to rewild ourselves, spirituality and society. My talk Rebel, Reclaim, Rewild! will be at 12.00 on Saturday 1st July. More info and bookings here.

REWILDING OURSELVES: Deepening our nature connection // 8-10th July
Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth

A one to three-day course (1/2/3 day options) at an affordable rate starting from £35/day. Summer at CAT is glorious, bustling with life of all varieties. We even get blue skies and sunshine sometimes! We’ll spend the weekend deepening our awareness of nature and our connection to it. More info & booking.

INTRODUCTION TO REWILDING: The basics of ecological restoration // 4-6th August
Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth

This weekend course – possibly the first of its kind – will give an introduction and broad overview of the basic principles and practices of rewilding and ecological restoration, to enable you to understand how these might be applied in your own context – be that as a landowner, conservationist or local campaigner. Tutors include Mick Green and Steve Carver from Rewilding Britain and the Wildland Research Institute; I will just be coordinating and facilitating the process. More info & booking.


Autumn 2017

ROOTS OF RESILIENCE: Nature connection for social change // 11-21 October 
Ecodharma Centre, Catalunya, Spain

In collaboration with May Mackeith and Rupert Marques // This course aims to build personal resilience for anyone working for social change: those involved in direct action, campaigning, community empowerment and any action addressing ecological, political and social justice issues.

Resilience is all about connection: Deeper connection with our self, with each other, and with nature. Connection with wild nature is an important aid to developing an ecological sensibility and sense of belonging within the web of life. This can support action towards a sustainable future for all. These experiences can be nourishing, enriching, and can demand that we radically re-orientate our sense of who and what we are. Participants will spend time out in the wilds in the stunning limestone valley the Ecodharma sits within, connecting with the teachings nature offers. We’ll use tools such as mindfulness and meditation, bushcraft, nature based education, ecological and evolutionary learning, and solo time in wild nature. More info and booking.