Small-Scale Rewilding Network

At the Oxford Real Farming Conference, we proposed the launch of a network for people interested in ‘farm-scale’ or small-scale rewilding.

If you’re interested and would like to be involved,  you can sign up for updates here. Perhaps you’d like to join the network, perhaps you have ideas about what it could or should be, or skills or time to offer to make it happen. Please share your thoughts on this simple survey

Here’s the backstory and the synopsis of the ORFC session:

In our experience of running practical courses in rewilding at the Centre for Alternative Technology, a clear need for a network has arisen for small-scale landowners, farmers and land managers who are keen to become involved in the burgeoning rewilding movement but do not have access to a large estate / charitable organisation / funding. A critical factor to success is in connecting with others using similar approaches, both geographically to link habitats up, but also connecting people socially to share ideas.

In this session we aim to discuss the benefits of farm-scale rewilding to farming, rural communities and biodiversity, and how it fits in with landscape-scale rewilding. We will hear from people on the ground who are putting this into practise already and can talk about the benefits and challenges these approaches offer. Finally we will launch a network of land managers who wish to implement these approaches, discussing with those interested what this might look like. 

More info coming soon…