Skills for social change

Transitioning to a healthier, more equitable and nature-connected society is held back in various ways. We lack of a framework which supports change: our current socio-economic system keeps us locked in to the fossil fuel economy for the wealth of a privileged few, which stifles cultural and political leadership. Behaviour change research suggests that these key factors, along with how the media encourages us to see the challenge in relation to our own lives, create the pervasive inaction and apathy we see in our society – not ignorance or indifference. If we are to change society and transition away from fossil fuels we must challenge the status quo and those in power with bold action, powerful mass movements and the courage to reclaim our power.

To do that, we need to share the skills and knowledge we learn from others in grassroots movements. Empowered, skilled people are essential for building and maintaining a strong and effective movement for justice. I offer participatory trainings in direct action, activism and social change to build people’s confidence and skills to take action for social, environmental and economic justice. Workshops/skills I can offer include:

  • Intro to direct action
  • Direct action tactics eg blockading and occupations
  • Inflatable tools for creative protest
  • Quick decision making
  • Strategy
  • Action planning
  • Reccies
  • Building effective lock-ons
  • Working with the media – press releases, interviews etc
  • Creating inclusive spaces
  • Group facilitation and consensus decision making

If there’s something you’d like to learn and it’s not something I can offer I may know someone who can. I sometimes work with the excellent Seeds for Change and London Roots Collective – they offer many more brilliant trainings for grassroots groups, and the Seeds for Change website in particular has loads of amazing resources. The annual Earth First! Summer Gathering is also always a great place for getting skilled up in direct action.