I’ve been on several of Kara’s workshops and weekends and quite simply they are absolutely fantastic! Whether you are new to rewilding  (as I was last year) , wanting to deepen your connection or just spend time in nature with like-minded people, I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.
Dom, participant on numerous courses and retreats

I have boosted my confidence to explore and be in the wild. Thank you so much – a fabulous weekend.
Renee, Participant on Rewilding Spirituality retreat

A perfect balance of listening and living. Kara is inspiring and a natural connector!
Nick, Participant on Rewilding Spirituality retreat

Kara’s approach was open, warm and inclusive. She combined gentle challenge with support, which encouraged us to safely explore our environment with mindful curiosity. The course provided a good balance of experiential learning, supported by relevant underpinning theory to expand our understanding of nature connection. Kara is knowledgeable, articulate and facilitated our learning in a way that made it accessible for everyone. I would highly recommend this course for anyone
Helen, Participant on CAT Nature Connection weekend

I really enjoyed the Nature Connection course and felt motivated and inspired by the course leader’s passion and excitement to share her skills and experiences. It was useful to me and I will take what I learnt from the course to apply it to my learning, specifically as I’m studying nature connection and happiness as part of my MSc thesis.
Chris, Participant on Nature Connection weekend

Kara and May were enthusiastic and inspiring facilitators and a pleasure to work with. They were professional and knowledgeable, carefully tailoring the workshop to the students’ needs and particular areas of study. Their work offers great value to any art or design student wishing to develop a sustainable approach that engages intimately and directly with nature.
Tom Raymont, Architect, Studio Director and Lecturer, Westminster University

Reconnecting with nature this weekend brought me rock-like peace, inspiring new friends and greater hope and resources for the future. Thank you Kara for guiding us so humbly and with so much resolve – you are wonderful
Alex, Participant on Rewilding Spirituality retreat

This workshop has given substance and meaning to my work as an architect
Architecture student, Westminster University

The tutor was very friendly and made everyone feel at ease from the beginning, with their good humour and passion for the subject matter. By the end of the weekend I felt like I was beginning to be able to listen to the woodlands own dialect of wisdom. The weekend turned out to be much more powerful than I would have first imagined, awakening a soulful connection with nature that I have taken back to my everyday life. I highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to connect more deeply with nature and to be more mindful in their everyday lives.
Phil, Participant on CAT Nature Connection weekend

I treasured the time and space to unwind and become receptive to the wisdom that is so available in the natural world. Thank you Kara, for your grounded, steady encouragement. The guided meditations and journeys were inspirational.
Participant on Rewilding Spirituality retreat

I’ve learnt to see things in a different way. I’ve acquired questioning skills – asking how and why things happen, and seeing how things are connected. I see now that we should design things that build connections not break them.
Participant on nature connection for architects workshop

Rewilding Spirituality was a really wonderful weekend. Kara has great communication skills and has put together an excellent program which enabled me to think about and practice my spirituality in the context of my love for the planet and all its beings.
David, Participant on Rewilding Spirituality retreat

It was all fantastic – best thing I’ve done in ages! The ceremony we did was the first one I’ve ever done that really meant anything.
Dave, Participant on Rewilding Spirituality retreat

The retreat helped me to view nature more sensitively and less as a collection of resources.  It has also strengthened my desire to be a part of the rewilding movement and helped develop clarity around where I feel empowered to act.
Participant on Rewilding Spirituality retreat